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How It Works

How does Ken Webster`s Hypno Gastric Band work?

Ken Webster`s Hypno Gastric Band is a 4 track system.

Track 1

The first track will allow you to get used to being hypnotised.
It is a total myth that you fall asleep while you are in a hypnotic state of relaxation. If you fell asleep you wouldn`t be able to hear the programme. You are simply very, very relaxed. You are still aware of your surroundings, you can still hear things around you. If there was an emergency of any kind you will be able to open your eyes and deal with it. You do not disappear onto another planet or float out of your body! You will be given various suggestions to cut down on the bad things, sugar, fizzy drinks, fatty foods etc. The first track helps you to come to terms with a complete life style change. Using hypnosis it makes it much easier. This must be played every day for 1 week. Once you are used to the feeling of being hypnotised and a few small changes have been made to your diet we move onto the next level.
Ken Webster hypno band track 1

Track 2

So it`s the end of your first week and you have noticed after making the changes to your diet you are starting to shift a few pounds. You are also feeling much more energetic and most importantly of all confident, positive and happy. This track re-emphasises what we did on track one, however you will find that you start to relax more and relax deeper. This is because you now know what hypnosis feels like and you are not expecting something different. This track completely gets rid of all the junk food. Helps you to eat 5 times a day, yes 5 times a day! Clients ask why 5 times a day as that seems a lot. Simple, your metabolism needs to work to enable you to burn calories and fat. When you are told 5 times a day this means breakfast, even if it`s one slice of toast it kickstarts your metabolism, mid morning snack such as a piece of fruit, a small low calorie low fat lunch, mid afternoon snack could be a rice cake or another piece of fruit and finally your tea.
Ken Webster hypno band track 2
People often say “Well I only eat one meal a day why am I fat?” The answer is you are not eating enough. Your body needs food, just the right sort and the right amount. Clients again say “I can`t stick to a diet.” This is not a diet as such it is just eating correctly. This is what track 2 does, it gives you the willpower and determination to say that`s it enough is enough I am going for this. This track must be played once a day for a week.
Ken Webster hypno band track 3

Track 3

This is the operation. This track is very different and is only played once. By now you should have noticed a real difference. Not only do your clothes start to fit better, the weight is coming off and you are starting to feel different mentally. You feel as though nothing is going to stop you reaching your weight loss goal. This track has the background noises of the hospital, being taken to theatre, arriving in theatre, being attached to the heart monitor and the operation taking place. You really can feel as though you are having a gastric band fitted, however it’s much safer! Some people can actually feel the tugging sensation in their stomach.
After this track has finished you will find that you eat much less, you become fuller much quicker and the urge to snack and binge has gone, and there are no after affects….Bonus!
Ken Webster hypno band track 4

Track 4

So by now you are feeling like a different person. Thinking to yourself…..If I had known it was this easy to change my lifestyle, I would have done it years ago. This track should now be played every alternate day. The purpose of this track is not only to help you carry on losing weight but to also keep you on track. Every single person who loses weight will hit a brick wall, this happens to everyone at some point. There will come a time during your weight loss regime where the weight stops coming off, you are not alone. It is natural, the reason is your body gets used to the new way of eating. This is when clients become disheartened and start thinking that Mars Bar won`t make any difference then you are back on a slippery road. This track stops all this and keeps you motivated. You can play this track as many times as you want after you have finished the Hypno Gastric Band. It works like a top up.
Using hypnosis is one of the best ways to help you lose weight.
Simply have an open mind, allow this to work and it will.
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