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Ken Webster has been a practising hypnotist for 33 years. Having trained for 4 years in Scarborough under the guidance of Wilf Proudfoot and Gil Boyne, Ken went on to travel the world performing his sell out stage shows. He has been performing his shows at The Horseshoe Showbar in Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a record breaking 29 years every Saturday for 36 weeks of the year.

It was after listening to people who bought his original weight loss CD at the end of his shows who were coming back to him and expressing their delight at losing weight, that Ken decided to study weight loss and hypnosis at a much deeper level.
Ken opened a hugely successful weight loss clinic in Scarborough helping hundreds of people change their lives. It was here that Ken Webster`s Hypno Gastric Band was born.
The results Ken was achieving with this system even surprised Ken himself. Clients were losing an incredible amount of weight, but not just that, they were keeping it off and managing to maintain it. Something that is said by many as being the hardest part of any weight loss.
Ken received many, many emails and facebook messages asking if he had this system on CD as word was now getting around as to how effective it was. After months of deliberation and his wife nagging him, Ken caved in and released the Hypno Gastric Band. Since then Ken has sold an incredible amount of units.
The results on our testimonial page are 100% true and correct, we simply couldn`t make up any of these figures without breaking the law. So all our claims and results are absolutely true.
Moving with the times and realising that not as many people have CD players and everything is download or memory stick, Ken has also released this on a USB memory stick. This is perfect for putting on your PC and onto your phone. It is also available on a 4 disc CD set.

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